need to be hard

Let me show you how to market your business the easy way. So you’re not tied up in knots trying to do it all.

great things take time

A slow ‘n easy approach

There are a ton of marketing gurus who’ll offer you the opportunity to grab the fast route to more… But more what?!

More stress? More pressure? More feeling like a failure because it didn’t work for you the way they said it would?

I’ll tell you what I’ll give you more of. More honesty. 🙌

If you’re crying out for a more humane approach to marketing that won’t leave you feeling behind or like you have to do it all…

Welcome! I think you’re going to like it here. 

Marketing for empaths – that doesn’t leave you feeling rotten…

Marketing gets a bad rep. And it’s no wonder really – given all the desperation for instant fixes and a deep guttural yearning for low effort routes to mammoth results. 

A bit like good dog training, I don’t promise instant results. And that’s because I’m not going to dupe you into thinking if you give me your dosh, you’ll be an overnight success who’s making hoards of money in your sleep. 

What I do promise, is easy to execute steps that’ll lead you gently and calmly to growing your business on your own terms. 


Develop the confidence to go your own way.

I don’t love the word marketing, I far prefer to think of it as communication. But marketing is the word we’ve all come to know (and loathe)…

It sounds more purposeful doesn’t it? But it also comes with icky feels. 😫

What I teach is about uncovering your route to connecting with the people you want to help and delivering an actionable plan to make it happen.

My goal is to help you find your way of marketing so that it becomes an easy part of your business – not a massive energy drain that feels never-ending (and pretty damn thankless!)


Which one feels like you? 

I’m self motivated & don’t need hand-holding

I know I need accountability & support

I’m a slow burner, can we get to know each other first?

underdogs unleashed review Jill

Let me tell you more..

Underdogs Unleashed

Learn at your own pace how to market your business and feel good about it with step by step lessons that get your marketing ducks in a row, as you go.

Lifetime access to everything you need to grow your business on your terms.

(Pay what you can)

Underdogs Unite 

The go-to membership  for positive dog bods looking for personalised support, guidance, and a likeminded community who are the dog’s b@llocks.

It’s a community plus motivation to do the do – and make things happen for yourself.

(£60 per month)

The Curiosity Quest 

Marketing is one piece. But if you’re not clear on what you want to do or have mindset struggles that hold you back – this series of curious conversations will help you get unstuck and on the route to carving your own path.

It’s a hive of inspiration and self discovery.


Your Blog Genie  

Get your time back AND get visible, with this one of a kind course that’ll teach you to blog properly in under an hour! 

I’m insanely proud of this course – it’s bitesize, fast, and immensely powerful. It’s the route to growing your audience on autopilot. 


Rikki Sullivan Creative SEO Copywriter

Wait… who are you? 👀

I’m Rikki, a wee bit of a marketing nerd and a big dog geek.

I’m on a mission to help positive dog bods like you to unleash themselves from all the underdog feels so you can help more people, more dogs, and build a working life you love.

Yes, I’m a writer and a marketer – but you can let go of those icky feels because to me marketing is just communication – not an opportunity to coerce and control.

You can already write and communicate – you do it all the time.

There’s just some little gremlins getting in the way of you doing it more publicly. And I’d like to help you kick those naughty gremlins in the nads…

Because people deserve to hear the greatness you have to share.

Unleashed review (Tracey)



If you want to market your business well, attract the right people and pitch your service/product in a way that instantly makes them feel they’ve landed in the right place – you have to master your messaging!

This webinar will help you do just that!


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