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Rikki Sulivan The Canine Copywriter for Pet Business Blogs


I’m Rikki

Your creative copywriter and content marketing maverick, ready to leap into action and help you get your message heard. Let’s make waves in all the right places and evoke the change you dream of.

You’ve got big ideas but you’re juggling everything and your marketing always seems to take a back seat. You know you’re onto something, and you want to set it free into the world and watch it take off….

But you need help. 

You stand for something. Let’s get your message HEARD.

Bland copy doesn’t express your purpose or personality… and it isn’t going to attract the attention you deserve.

It’s time to master your messaging. Let’s move your people from indifferent and distant to inspired and fired up for action.

You need creative, conversational copywriting

You need copy packed with emotion, enthusiasm and energy

You need words that make people want to ROAR with support for your mission.  

And you need a stellar strategy behind it all so you’re not firing blanks in the dark. 

That’s where I come in!

Break free from the mould and let’s do things DIFFERENTLY

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Email Marketing
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Why me?

I’m not just a copywriter, I’m a TOTAL dog nerd. I live, sleep, and breathe all things dog.

Not only have I set up two successful dog businesses in competitive markets myself, but my understanding of dogs goes waaay beyond what most people would consider normal

When you pair that geekery with my digital marketing obsession, you tap into something that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. 

I’m special. And so are you. Together – we’ll be an unstoppable force for good. 

The Canine Copywriter was born to help pet businesses to connect and engage with their audiences, revealing a deeper understanding of all things dog.

Kind Words

"I felt heard on every level"

What is it like to have someone listen to you? The way you know you are being heard on every level. 

And then they magically connect with your deeper purpose and you know then that they care about your business and the message you want to send out to the world. This is what Rikki did for me. 

She listened, I felt heard. She turned my rambles into words that spoke to my dream audience and delivered a landing page that converted into my highest sales to date! 

Need I say more? Thank you

– Joanne

Rikki Sullivan Creative SEO Copywriter

You need a creative SEO copywriter on your team.

You know your words matter. And that my friend, is why you’re here!

Together we’ll ditch the mundane messaging that doesn’t even make a ripple and move your people from feeling indifferent and distant to inspired and fired up for action. 

Let’s make your people feel INSPIRED

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Ditch the bland CTAs that make people glaze over, and switch ’em for buttons that make people click with enthusiasm!

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