5 ultra smart reasons to start a YouTube channel

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YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and if you know me, you’ll know how much I love choosing marketing activities that give us our biggest return on our time. 

Growing your audience through capitalising on SEO opportunities is for me a total no brainer. Why would you not want to help people find you when they hit Google or YouTube searching for something? 

But that’s not the only reason I think starting a YouTube channel for your dog training business is a savvy idea!

So let’s get stuck into 5 reasons I believe YouTube can benefit your biz. 

1. Your YouTube content lives on beyond the scroll

This is a biggie for me. As business owners we’re firmly conditioned to do social media content to market ourselves and grow our audiences. 

But that content you spent an age creating is quickly buried in a never ending scroll. Plus, the algorithms on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are making it harder and harder for your content to get seen (unless you pay for ads). 

On YouTube, people search for what they’re interested in. That means if you optimise your content for SEO – people can find it for YEARS. It doesn’t quickly vanish into the ether, never to be seen again. 

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SEO checklist

2. YouTube is less competitive than other platforms 

There’s no escaping it, people are consuming more and more video content. Whatever their chosen platform for finding it, video is a medium that’s getting a lot of attention. 

On YouTube alone, over 1 billion hours of video content is viewed each day.

But despite this, in 2024 only 35% of marketers are using YouTube to reach consumers – compared to 65% on Facebook and 59% on Instagram. Which means in addition to all the other benefits of using YouTube to market your business – it’s less competitive than other platforms. 

3. Video content gives you another chance to rank on Google

Global technology firm Cisco predicts that in 2024, online video will account for 79% of internet traffic. 

It’s no secret that I want as many positive dog bods sweeping up the top spots on Google as possible – and we do that using search engine optimisation (SEO). Video content hosted on YouTube doesn’t just help people find you on that platform, it can boost your chances of being found on Google too. 

If you look at the screengrab above, you’ll see that all the video search results for ‘how to stop dog barking’ come from content posted on Google. Not really a surprise given that Google owns YouTube! 

Videos shared on YouTube are 84% more likely to show up in SERPS on Google than video content shared on other platforms. 

Aimclear study

Dog owners often turn to Google or YouTube long before they concede to getting professional help and if they find your educational content like blogs and video content – then they’re more likely to come to you when they’re ready to buy. 

Plus – ensuring good quality information is available and found first by owners means we can take positive action to counter the hoards of bad advice that owners stumble upon. 

4. You can grow your community on YouTube

As I write this article, Facebook has just halted the use of third party apps like Streamyard and Zoom. For dog trainers and business owners who host live video events in their community groups, this presents a problem. 

You can go live in your Facebook group directly, but you can no longer stream into your group from Zoom – which prevents you from hosting guest speakers or attendees in your Zoom room. 

You can however still stream from Zoom onto your YouTube channel. Which allows you to harness all the other YouTube benefits for greater visibility – whilst connecting with people in an interactive zoom call. 

You can also post to your community feed (similar to how you would on other social media platforms) and invite people to subscribe to your channel, in the same way you’d grow followers on Facebook or Instagram. 

These people then see all your new video content on their feed and can join your for your live events!

5. You can repurpose your YouTube content everywhere

I’m a big fan of getting the maximum return on the time you spend creating content – and that means being able to turn 1 piece of content into LOTS of pieces of content! 

If you have a bunch of Reels, TikToks or video content you’ve created elsewhere – you can upload that content to YouTube and use it to reach a new audience. Maybe you’ve hosted webinars or created content for your clients that now sits neglected, not being seen by anyone… Why not repurpose that content and share it to YouTube so you can help more people?

Let’s look at some examples.

Here’s a video I created for my marketing course Underdogs Unleashed. I uploaded it to YouTube, optimised it, and use it to help more dog trainers see how I can help them get found on Google! 

Here’s a clip from my live event The Curiosity Quest that I created from the longer video. I used a software called Opus Clip to create a ton of short clips with captions that I then share on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

Here’s another clip made from a longer YouTube video I created. Again, I used Opus Clip to add captions to it and have utilised the description beneath the video to drive traffic to my free download ‘10 types of blog every dog trainer needs’. This shows you that you can use YouTube to grow your email list (as well as your audience!). 

Bonus benefit – it makes your blogs better

If you have both a blog and video content – you have two shots at coming up on Google searches with your content.  This compounded effort can make all the difference to your SEO results. 

But it also makes your written blog content more dynamic. If you scroll through this blog, you can see video examples of what I’m talking about. That helps things make more sense. 

And as a dog trainer, video content can be much more powerful than the written word alone to help your audience understand what you’re sharing. 

Videos give better context for some things. 

For example, if you’re writing a blog on how to teach a dog to do something – a video is going to help your reader visualise how to do it. 

People learn in different ways and by being able to layer up written explanations alongside video demonstrations – your blog readers will get a lot more value from your content. 

And it’ll help boost your blog’s SEO too! 

In summary, why YouTube?


  • It’s the second biggest search engine in the world
  • Videos appear for 65% of keywords
  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users
  • Over 1 billion hours of video content is viewed each day on the platform
  • Despite this, only 35% of marketers are using YouTube to reach consumers – compared to 65% on Facebook and 59% on Instagram

If you’d like to learn more about how to use blogs and video content to grow your audience – there’s an entire lesson dedicated to it inside my self paced course, Underdogs Unleashed. It’s pay what you can, so you can grab it now and jump straight into lesson 7 to learn more. 


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