Top 11 pet affiliate programmes for 2024

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Looking to add an extra revenue stream to your pet business? The pet industry is heaving with fantastic products and services, which you can make income from just for promoting!

Let’s dive into what affiliate marketing is, how you can do it successfully and which pet affiliate marketing programmes you may want to join. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote another company’s products or services and earn a commission every time you make a sale. When you sign up for a pet affiliate programme, you’ll be given a unique partner link to use in your promotions. Every time somebody clicks your link and makes a purchase, you make a little money! 

Usually, an affiliate programme will use tracking to monitor any visits to their site for a stated number of days after they’ve clicked your unique affiliate link. This means that even if people don’t buy straight away, you can still earn for the sales you drive. 

Check the specific details of any affiliate partner scheme you consider to discover the commission rate, payout frequency and how long visits are tracked for. 

How to start affiliate marketing

The first thing you need to do is identify pet affiliate marketing opportunities that will appeal to your audience. 

Choose an affiliate programme that offers products or services that would benefit your customers. 

You’re going to have to do a fair bit of promoting to make any money, so be sure to choose products or services that you really rate and want to rave about! 

Consider how you will promote the products/services. Will you blog or vlog about them, share them in your email marketing, social media posts or on your podcast? 

The commission is generally fairly modest, so for it to be worth your while you’re going to have to put some effort in! Again, this is why it’s important that you genuinely rate the product. 

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Everyone’s favourite answer to a question incoming…. It depends. 

As mentioned, you’re not going to make any money unless you promote and push the product and have an audience who would be interested in buying it. 

If you are willing to put the effort into marketing it and have an interested audience, then it can be a great additional income stream. 

Unless you’re a prolific blogger or influencer, you may not pay the bills with it – but it can provide a nice income boost alongside your main revenue streams. 

11 pet affiliate marketing opportunities

Still here? Great, that means you’re ready to discover some of the best affiliate marketing schemes in the pet industry. 


Tug-E-Nuff makes interactive dog training toys that are simply fantastic. They’re great for encouraging play, training recall, stopping jumping up and for play with bitey puppies! Well, that’s just the beginning really, there are lots of beneficial ways you can use Tug-E-Nuff tug toys. 


Category: Dog products/toys

Commission: 15%

Longevity: refer a customer once, and earn of everything they buy for a year!

Promo support: free demo toys, merchandise, leaflets, posters and discount offers, plus unlimited support from the in-house Tug-E-Nuff team.

Learn more and apply here

The Muzzle Movement

The Muzzle Movement create beautiful dog muzzles that are designed to be comfortable for dogs to wear so they can enjoy all the freedoms of unmuzzled dogs.

They’re a UK based dog brand with a huge advocacy component – driving a movement to break the stigma around muzzles.

The Muzzle Movement Affiliate scheme is open to all R+ professionals who commit to treating dogs with compassion and kindness.

Category: Dog products

Commission: 10% store credit (and 10% discount for your referrals)

Promo support: 20% off a canine professional bundle (which can be used for muzzle fittings and demos), free support pack, social media graphics, affiliate badge, option to list on their website if you provide muzzle fittings.

Learn more and apply here

Muzzle Movement Affiliate Badge

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy are a leading supplier of natural calming products for dogs and other companions animals. They have a wide range of products from calming diffusers to sprays, shampoos and even foraging kits!

Their affiliate programme is open to companion animal professionals who pledge to do no harm and work with animals in a compassionate and humane way.

Category: Pet products

Commission: 10 Pet Remedy Reward Points for every £1 spent using your affiliate link. Each point is worth £0.01 and can be redeemed against any products across the Pet Remedy range.

Promo Support: Partner badge, certificate and listing on the Pet Remedy website. Plus £27 worth of free points to use on your first purchase.

Learn more and apply here.

Pet Remedy Affiliate Pledge


My Anxious Dog

My Anxious Dog makes brilliant space awareness products for anxious, nervous and reactive dogs. From yellow anxious dog leads, raincoats and harnesses through to human accessories to help anxious dogs get the space they need. 

Category: Dog products

Commission: 15%  (30 day cookie tracking)

Longevity: Any purchases will be tracked for up to 30 days from visiting your affiliate link.

Promo Support: partner badge and banner for your website, socials and blog, social media posts and graphics

Learn more and apply here.

My anxious dog affiliate partner

Underdogs Unleashed

Underdogs Unleashed is my platform for marketing courses and coaching support for positive dog bods. Inside you’ll find everything a compassionate dog business owner needs to learn how to market their biz with ease (and minus the ick!).

From learning how to blog for SEO, to a complete start to finish marketing course heaving with resources and my membership Underdogs Unite – all of my marketing support can be shared with other ethical dog bods. And you can earn 30% commission for every referral.

Category: Dog professional support

Commission: 30%  (90 day cookie tracking)

Longevity: Any purchases will be tracked for up to 90 days from visiting your affiliate link.

Learn more and apply here.

underdogs blog banner

The Family Dog

The Family Dog are the creators of The Dial Method™️, a dog raising programme for families. Dog trainers can either sign up to be a ‘Dial Guide’ or sell The Dial Method™️ programme and earn a commission. 

Category: Dog training

Commission: $9 for every programme sold

Longevity: All purchases must be made directly via your affiliate link.

Promo Support: posters, videos, social media posts, graphics, quizzes, Facebook community group

Join the affiliate programme here.

More info on programmes for dog trainers here.

The Dial Method

Pupstarts Breeders

Pupstarts offer education and accredited courses for dog breeders, but they also offer an early puppy training course for new puppy owners. Often new puppy owners don’t access training until they start puppy classes, which means those first few critical weeks can leave them unsupported. 

As a Pupstart’s Ambassador, you can promote The Puppy Pod to new puppy owners and earn commission. 

Category: Dog training

Commission: 25% 

Longevity: All purchases must be made directly via your affiliate link.

Promo Support: partner badge, email marketing, Owner PDF explaining the course and benefits, email, graphics, photos and copy to swipe and promote the puppy course

Learn more and apply here.


Yumove makes pet supplements for joint care, skincare, digestion and more. My own dog takes a variety of their supplements and we’ve seen great results. 

Category: Dog healthcare/supplements

Commission: 15% for every new customer’s first purchase (30-day cookie tracking)

Longevity: 1% commission on all future sales to customers introduced by you

Promo Support: bespoke copy, banners, imagery and video content upon request.

Learn more and apply here.


Yep, anybody with a website can apply to be an Amazon affiliate. You can access the full terms of their affiliate programme here. 

Category: Dog products

Commission: Up to 12% (varies by product) 

Longevity: Use your customised product links to ensure your sales are tracked and logged. Cookie tracking lasts 24 hours.

Promo Support: varies depending on your audience. All affiliates can access product images and customised affiliate links – those with larger audiences can create their own shop page to sell from. 

Learn more and apply here.

Butternut Box

Butternut Box make fresh dog food. They have a growing ambassador programme and are looking for new partners to promote fresh dog food that’s as healthy as it is yummy.  

Category: Dog food

Commission: payment or credit for every new customer introduced

Longevity:  Undisclosed – contact the team for more info

Promo Support: client discounts, nutritional leaflets and educational materials, Facebook community group & dedicated ambassador team, access to free vet nurse line for you (plus earn 15% discount on your own dog’s food after six referrals!)

Learn more and apply here.


Zooplus is an online retailer of pet supplies, offering everything from collars and leads through to food, treats and grooming products. With over 8000 products, you’re sure to find something that you’d like to share and promote. 

Category: Dog products

Commission: 4%  (30 day cookie tracking)

Longevity: Any purchases will be tracked for up to 30 days from visiting your affiliate link.

Promo Support: large selection of advertising materials, deals and discounts, daily updated product feeds to help you find products to promote

Learn more and apply here.

affiliate marketing pet industry

How to get started with affiliate marketing

Do any of these grab your attention? Are you going to give affiliate marketing a try? 

If you are, then you need to be ready to produce content! Consider blog topics which may relate to the products you want to sell and include your affiliate link in the blog. 

For example, you might write a blog about osteoarthritis in dogs and use your Yumove affiliate link. Or perhaps you’d like to write about how to keep your hands safe from puppy biting, and use your Tug-E-Nuff affiliate link. 

You can find more ideas for dog blog posts here.

Don’t forget, you can share your affiliate links in social media posts, newsletters and email campaigns too. The more you promote them, the more income you’ll stand to make from affiliate marketing. 

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Written by Rikki S

Hi, I'm Rikki. I'm a copywriter specialising in helping pet businesses with copy that attracts, engages, and converts.



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