Ready to be a dog blogger?

Perhaps you’ve dabbled a bit with blogging, or it’s been on your to-do list FOREVER, but you’re just not sure how to get it right?

Having engaging, informative and compelling content on your website goes a long way in showing off your value and expertise. And it can go a long way to snowballing your visibility (without having to dance on reels or create a stack of content that disappears in a doom scroll).

Get in front of the right people, at the right time.. without having to be everywhere all the god damn time.

Your blog can be a powerful way to set you aside from the competition, bring people to you, and to be the go-to expert people come to when they’re ready to say YES to getting more help.  

The problem is, most people don’t tell you how to blog effectively – which either leaves you staring at a blank page or wondering why on earth the blogs you’re writing are doing diddly squat. 


Find your topics


Grow your traffic


Nurture your fans

I’m not into vanity metrics. I want you to spend your time and money on marketing activities that’ll pay off. And when you blog with purpose, your shiny new blog content gives you oodles of bang for your buck. Forget thinking of it as a one-off piece that you publish, promote once, and promptly forget – done right, it’ll work for you for years. 

Repurpose that content, spread it far and wide, and let it really get to work for you

“I have been working with Rikki at The Canine Copywriter to produce blog posts for my pet photography business.

She is not only a talented writer but a skilled marketer. She understands the sales process and what potential clients need to read to make a purchase.

First of all, she very quickly picked up the style of my writing and was able to produce blogs in my tone of voice.

Secondly, she’s been really helpful in making suggestions as to what blogs I should be publishing to help get my business found by Google and also give potential clients the information that they need to book a shoot with me.”

Rowan Williams – Pooch & Pineapple

Dominate the search with blogs

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Blogs written for you - from £600

If you want quality content that’s written for you, this is for you! I’ll take a deep dive into your goals and what you want to sell – and then give you a host of blog topic ideas that are designed to attract the right people directly to your website.  

I’ll research potential topics, find the opportunities, then magically produce a cracking blog you’ll be dying to share and take the credit for!

What you get:

We’ll go through a collaborative briefing process so that what’s in your head, winds up on paper. Only better!

I’ll go away and write you a well researched and well-written blog of a minimum of 700 words on your chosen topic. I specialise in long-form content that nails your messaging and inspires your readers.

I’ll handle the techy yet vital Meta Titles and Descriptions so that when your blog appears on Google, it’s enticing AF for peeps to click through too.


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Learn how to blog properly (in under an hour for £99)

Invest in learning how to blog with purpose and I’ll show you my tried and tested methods that make blogging easy peasy (and insanely effective). 

Blogging doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming, with my rinse and repeat formula you’ll be amazed at how easily you can attract new eyeballs and grow your audience without having to spend hours upon hours on social media. 

Blogging truly is the underdog of the marketing world – let me show you how to use it to your advantage. 

What you get:

8 x bitesize lessons that show you how to find your topics, structure your content and win new readers

2 x bonus lessons that ensure you don’t get lost in vanity metrics. I’ll show you how to turn your blog readers into die hard fans (while you sleep).


“I first came across Rikki on Instagram and was blown away by the detail and info she gives out, she’s generous to a fault! However, I’ve gone far too long thinking I can struggle through and do things myself using free guides and training, so I decided to take the plunge and invest with Rikki.

I can’t tell you how glad I am I did. She is a miracle worker, picking up all the nuances of my business I can’t explain and nailing my style and interests.
Rikki delivered a blog strategy to me that’s easy to follow, completely hitting the nail on the head to what I didn’t know I was looking for and giving me so much more help and advice along the way.

It’s the best £££ I’ve spent working with someone outside of my business, ever! Can’t wait to get everything she’s given me in place so we can move on to the next project!

A HUGE thank you Rikki, you rock!”

– Helen Rushton

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Bespoke SEO Blog Templates - 6 month plan (£600)

If you’d like to have a clear content marketing plan with a strategy behind it, then this is for you. We start with a kick-off call where we take a deep dive into your business, your goals and your target client’s world.

Then I squirrel away on keyword research, review mining, and competitor analysis to create a content marketing plan with power for your pet biz.

What you get:

A kick-off call where we flash out whatever struggles you’re facing to help move your content marketing forwards. Working in isolation is hard sometimes. You need someone to bounce ideas off, to give you fresh eyes, and to ignite some motivation.

We’ll look at your target market. What interests them, what their pain points are, and what resonates with them. And we’ll dive into your goals so I can hatch a cunning plan to set you on your way to achieving them

I then squirrel away and devise a 6-month SEO blog content plan for you. I’ll bring together the ideas, research, and competitor analysis into a content marketing template that’s ready to plug and play!

That’s 6 blogs mapped out with titles, subheaders, meta titles, meta descriptions and Call To Actions. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

You’ll also get all my keyword research in a useful sheet that you can use to boost your future content creation – keeping you chugging along way beyond our initial 6-month plan

For the equivalent of £100 a month, you’ll have a stellar content marketing strategy, complete with SEO, ready to go.

You have to trust the process to see results

If you want to grow your dog business using blogs, you need a dash of patience – because SEO takes time.  But it’s sooooo worth the effort. 

Writing the odd banging blog here and there and bashing it out into the public domain isn’t going to cut it. But writing one well planned blog a month (every month) is doable, meaningful and effective.

Sorry! I know words like consistency, strategy, and follow-through are exceedingly yawn-worthy. But without them, your blogging efforts will go unrewarded.

And I don’t want that for you.

So, I’d urge you to stick with blogging for a minimum of six months, so you don’t throw money down the drain and you can see all the benefits come to fruition. 

Why do you need a blog anyway?

Your blog is an integral piece of your digital marketing puzzle.

Creating regular, fresh, and interesting content for your clients and potential clients to consume is a brilliant way to keep them coming back to your website.

And we all know that Google loves it too.

Your blog also gives you and your fans something to share, helping you entice new visitors, maintain a presence, and build a community on social media.

Your blog allows you to reveal yourself as an industry expert; sharing valuable information helps to establish trust and authority for your brand.

Tick, Tick, Boom!

Establish Authority

Demonstrate Value

Feed Google

Build your social engagement

Create a community

Share useful and thought-provoking information and ideas