Get a freelance copywriter on your team

The smart alternative to hiring a bigwig marketing agency

What do you get when you cross a SEO data geek fully versed in conversion copywriting with a dog nerd and positive reinforcement advocate?

A digital marketing dynamo ready to power up your growth and protect your reputation.

Have you ever worked with a marketing agency and found that whilst they might rock at the technicalities and strategies of marketing, they just cannot get your messaging on point?

That’s because you’re not a run of the mill business. And they’re not copywriters.

Sure, everyone worth talking to loves dogs… but do they really get them?


Do they truly understand the pain points that have your people taking to Google in the middle of the night?


Do they know what your people dream of achieving with their dogs?


And do they know what words and phrases are going to send shivers down your spine?! (There'll be no alpha, boss talk over here!)

What you can expect from me.

I’m all about value. That doesn’t mean bargain basement prices (soz!), it means that everything I set to work on for you is designed to bring tremendous value to your growth strategy.

I don’t believe in sleazy marketing tactics. If you have a product of value then we don’t need to dupe people or manipulate them into buying it.

I lead with value at every turn – with what I deliver for you AND the content we deliver to your people.

The Digital Marketing Consultant in Your Pocket Retainer

pet business copywriting retainer package
Is your marketing falling flat? Maybe your marketing strategy isn’t performing as you expected or the content creation you need just keeps getting usurped by other more pressing tasks.

You know you need to be chipping away at SEO, blog writing, email marketing and measuring metrics so you can master your marketing. But yet another month’s whizzed by and you’ve not achieved half what you intended.

While you’re busy wearing your CEO hat, you don’t have time to be the marketing manager, copywriter, and strategist – alongside everything else.

Say hello to a monthly copywriting and marketing retainer that gets you all the content you need – fast.

Breathe a sigh of relief as completely on-brand content pings into your inbox ready to boost conversions and put a happy peak on your bottom line.

Secure a vastly discounted rate for your projects at a set monthly fee

Sure, you could book in for the projects you need as they arise, however a retainer contract gifts you huge savings AND ensures you stay on top of your digital marketing.

A retainer contract also means you’re booked in every month, so you skip my 4 month+ waiting time for new projects, and get what you need – when you need it.

Have a sudden brain wave in the middle of the night? I’ve got you!

Breaking news presents an opportunity you want to capitalise on... Let’s strike while the iron’s hot.

Is your latest campaign taking a dive in the wrong direction? Let’s fix it pronto.

Need to raise a cash injection fast? We’ll hatch a plan and action it.

copywriting support retainer for your pet business

What can you use your marketing and copywriter retainer for?

Auditing your current website and email marketing to find the holes and quick wins we can action

Keyword research and monitoring – so we can create and roll out your SEO strategy

Page rewrites and optimisation for SEO, UX and conversion

Opt-ins, lead magnets and pop-up copy

Email marketing – campaigns, sequences and newsletter

Creating a strategic blog plan and refreshing existing blogs for SEO and conversion

Ad copy – I work with your ads and graphic design team to ensure you nail every angle

Product descriptions (onsite and marketplace)

Product descriptions (onsite and marketplace)

Metadata review and refresh to improve SEO and CTR on organic search

Monitoring performance of web pages and implementing changes to improve CRO

Any work we undertake together will be regularly monitored for performance, to ensure we’re achieving the best ROI we can for your £££.

*Starting from £1200 a month

What kind of results can you expect?

tug e nuff
I joined the Tug-E-Nuff team as their freelance copywriter in June 2021. Just three months later we began seeing a healthy upswing in revenue.

In three months we’ve achieved

  • 49% increase on organic traffic
  • 136% increase on revenue from organic traffic
  • 53% increase on CTR from Google search results

One lead generation campaign resulted in

  • open rates of between 50% to 70% (the average for ecommerce is 15%)
  • click through rates of up to 26% (The average for ecommerce is 2%)
tug e nuff review

Ready to embrace a data driven marketing strategy
that adapts and grows with you?