Non-ick copywriting services for your dog biz

Hi, I’m not your typical marketing bod. 

Does selling yourself give you the heebie-jeebies?!

You’re not alone!

The pet industry is heaving with kindhearted peeps who want to make a difference to humans and dogs, but who feel all kinds of urgh about putting themselves out there.

If you want well-crafted words that do the selling for you, in an utterly non-ick way, you’ve found the answer to your woes!

Not only that, but you’ve found yourself a copywriting chameleon. Which means I’ve a bit of a knack for writing in your tone of voice. Yep, I can write copy that sounds just like you, only better! 😉

Work with me, and you can forget about

Lacklustre copy that leaves you feeling meh

Trying to figure out what words matter and what needs to be on each page

What on earth keywords are and how to pick the right ones

Why people come to your site but don’t stick around

With my done for you copywriting services, I’ve got you.

We’ll have a good ol’ nose around your business so I can understand what matters to you, your target clients, and how we can fill them with all the feels for your biz.

Your website is the first place people who are serious about you go to check you out. We need your copy to capture their heart, mind and soul, so they stick around and learn more. Heck, we wanna make them fall in love.

We need to package your products and services so that your site visitors know exactly what the benefits are of choosing YOU!

It’s not about being a slimy, unethical sales machine. It’s about communicating your value and how you help your people.

I’m chuffed to bits when my clients tell me, ‘wow, even I want to buy from me now!’

They don’t feel pressured or like they’re getting a hard sell. They feel wowed and understood

“What is it like to have someone listen to you? The way you know you are being heard on every level. And then they magically connect with your deeper purpose and you know then that they care about your business and the message you want to send out to the world. This is what Rikki did for me.

Rikki listened. I felt heard, she turned my rambles into words that spoke to my dream audience and delivered a landing page that converted into my highest sales to date!
Need I say more? Thank you, Rikki!”

– Joanne Yeoh

Wanna feel wowed?!

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Website Copywriting Services - From £1800

Your website is your marketing hub, and it deserves some love and devotion. You’ve got a handful of seconds for someone to decide to stay or leave. Let’s make it the former shall we?

Your web copy will be written with your target clients in mind, with a sprinkle of Google juice in all the right places. I’ll write call to actions to entice your visitors to hop around and get to know you.

We’ll help your website visitors find exactly what they need when they land on your website.

All web copy projects include:


A 90-minute kick-off call to find the gold in your messaging


Keyword Research so I can craft copy that helps people find you


A deep dive into the pain points and benefits that matter to your crowd


Copy for each page that lights up your world and sells without the ick


Two rounds of revisions per page so you get messaging your proud to share


A video review that explains the strategy and why’s behind your copy, so you know what works

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Email Sequences from £600

What happens when someone joins your mailing list? Do they get the odd email here and there whenever you want to promote a discount or a service?

When someone buys your course or registers for your free download, do you follow up and show them some love?

Nurturing warm leads is often neglected, yet your easiest sales will come from people who have already had some form of contact with your biz.

So, let’s engage with them and help them fall in love, shall we?!

Email sequences are typically 5-8 emails long, and they enable your target clients to get to know you, trust you and understand how you can help them.

All email sequences include:


A briefing call to map out the story behind your email marketing sequence


Subject lines written to inspire solid open rates


Simple text emails crafted to help your subscribers know, like and trust you


A strategic approach to move your subscribers closer to buying


Two rounds of revisions, so you love them as much as your readers will


A guide to tracking performance (plus follow up revisions) to maximise results

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Sales pages & launch copy - from £2000

No two launches are the same. But what I do know is that there is an immense amount of work that goes into a successful launch!

If you want someone to take the writing piece and strategy off your hands, and someone at the end of the phone to cheerlead you through and hold space when it all feels hectic and hairy – you can have me on your team!

There’s an awful lot of copy needed for a launch – and I can handle most of it for you (minus the social media – but I have an awesome wingwoman for that!) From opt in pages, to ALL THE EMAILS and the all important sales page – I’ve got your copy needs covered. 

But, I don’t know what I need!

If you’re feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed, let me help you! My copywriting and marketing consultations are designed to pull out your best next steps and get you unstuck.

You might use your consultation to review and tweak existing copy with me, to devise a solid marketing plan, or to figure out what’s not working for your pet business.

Let’s get you feeling crystal clear about your next steps.

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Copywriting and Content Marketing Consultancy from £250

I’m a content marketing specialist as well as a copywriter. My superpower is seeing the gaps in your marketing so that you can close them.

I can help you figure out where you can power up your marketing and guide you on how to do it. Or you can book in for a VIP day/week and I’ll do it for you.  

Get my eyes and ears all over your business and your goals and let me show you how to turn your marketing around so it starts netting you cracking results. 

All consultations are recorded so you can revisit them as many times as you need.

“I’ve just finished a Power Hour with Rikki where she helped me with my website.

I wanted a fresh pair of eyes on it and had been tying myself up in knots writing about my business.

It can be hard when you’re inside of your business to know what people on the outside are interested in.

Rikki waved her magic wand over it and helped me tell my story far better than I had, despite being a journalist for 20 years!

If you’re looking for some help with copywriting or a talented writer to breathe life and excitement into some content you’ve created Rikki is your woman.

Thank you for a FAB power hour and I can’t wait to showcase my website!”

Rachel Spencer – Publicity for Pet Businesses

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