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A recent poll on my Facebook page revealed that the number one struggle dog trainers face is being consistent in their content marketing and social media endeavours. 

Alongside delivering your services, how do you find the time or inspiration to consistently show up? What should you be talking about on social media? Where and how should you focus your efforts?

Let’s get you unstuck with a clear plan forwards and help you develop dog training social media content that has a purpose and strategy behind it. 

Establish content pillars

Content pillars give you topics to draw from when creating your content marketing. Start off by making a list of the services or products you offer, then make a list of problems that people needing them have. 

You should end up with a handful of content pillars that you can use to inform social media posts, blogs and video content. 

For example, if you’re a dog trainer who offers services for puppies, reactive dogs and rescue dogs each of these becomes a pillar for content. 

Puppy owners will desire different content than those with rescue dogs. Think about the questions, struggles and desires of each of your client groups, and create content buckets for each. 

Puppies – toilet training, socialisation, biting, crate training

Reactive dogs – calming tips for dogs and humans, product recommendations, barking, lunging, leash skills

Rescue dogs – settling a new rescue in, getting to know your rescue, choosing a rescue, when to start training

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7 types of social media content for dog trainers

Once you have your content pillars you can create content types to fill each content bucket with. Having these as prompts will help you quickly come up with content ideas, as you’ll no longer be staring at a blank screen with no concept of what to write. 

  • Client stories
  • Testimonials 
  • Tips
  • Questions to encourage engagement
  • How to guides
  • Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Stories of personal experience related to your pillars

There is so much in Underdogs that you’ll be blown away – you’ll be so much clearer on how to create content that connects and crucially…. CONVERTS!

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Add call to actions to your content marketing

One of the things that can stop you making the effort to be consistent with your content marketing is a lack of engagement or results. 

I will preface this with the fact that you will have lurkers both on your social media and your website. People who check out and soak in your content, but who are not showing themselves to you… yet!

In any event, the thing that will increase engagement and encourage your lurkers to take action is including a call to action in every piece of content you create. 

A call to action is simply a clear message telling your audience what action you’d like them to take next. 

On social media, that could be ‘like this post if it resonates,’ ‘if you need support, please book a call,’ or a question which encourages a response. Remember to tell people specifically how to take the action – such as providing links to your upcoming course or to book a call.

On your blog, it might be a link to read another blog, or to check out a related service or product. Or you may include a call to action to join your mailing list for more valuable content in their inbox. 

You can download a swipe file of call to action copy to make things easy here 👇

Cool calls to action

Finding inspiration when you can’t think of anything to say

It happens to us all. You sit down knowing you need to get a social media post, email or blog out into the world, and you’re struck with a complete blank. 

If revisiting your content pillars throws up nothing new, then there are a few things you can do to evoke inspiration

  • Look at your reviews. Recall the story of the people who left them – how did you help them, what were they struggling with, did anything out of the ordinary happen?
  • Revisit posts that have done well. Can you recreate them with a different spin?
  • Dig out an old blog and reshare it (it’s probably sat there gathering dust and yearning for attention)
  • Listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video featuring someone who inspires you
  • What’s happened this week in your life or business. There will definitely be a story you can draw from

On the fly or pre-planned content?

Many a content marketing guru will wax lyrical about the importance of batch content creation or having set days and times to dedicate to crafting content. 

And if you’re a disciplined person who thrives on routine, this can work really well. 

But if you’re a bit more fly by the seat of your pants, that’s cool too! You have your content pillars to draw from and you don’t need to overthink what you’re posting. Just post!

Overthinking is causing you to do nothing

Hands up if you’re a bit of a perfectionist! With so much advice about what we should and shouldn’t do, it’s easy to stagnate and feel overwhelmed. 

Honestly, your audience just needs to see you show up regularly, not just when you want to sell something. 

You can’t get being there for your audience wrong. Show up, give value and do it as regularly as you can muster. 

Your content doesn’t need to be crafted to within an inch of its life. It doesn’t have to be perfect or follow a formula. 

It’s just you and your people having a little chat. 

You have a ton of valuable content to share without even thinking about it. What you think is basic and not worth mentioning is incredibly valuable to your audience. 

Next steps

That’s it. Craft your content pillars that align with your core products or services, fill your bucket with stories, reviews, tips and questions people ask…. And go forth and create. 

If you have nothing to say today, a photo of your dog will ALWAYS go down a storm. And I’m sure you have plenty of those!

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