I was on the edge of early blogging success, and I blew it

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I was on the edge of early blogging success, and I blew it

There are two things that I’d like you to know about me. I am very honest and I try very hard to learn from my mistakes.

And so I wanted to share my own experience with my dog blog, how I teetered on the edge of growing it exponentially, and how I let the moment pass me by.

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Back in January 2019, I launched a little dog blog called Be Dog Wise. After many years as a professional dog walker, I became incredibly enthusiastic about making a difference to dogs and their owners’ lives through simple, digestible, education blogs.

I had many topics that I was passionate about, and one of which was dog theft. It was incomprehensible to me that I still saw dogs tied up outside schools and shops, left visible in cars, and yet the threat of dog theft was ever-growing. Why didn’t people know about it?

Where are you going?

So I put together a little graphic in Canva, researched some stats, and shared it on my pretty new Facebook page, linked to a pretty average website. I had little strategy behind where I wanted to go with it all, beyond helping people.

I was a little surprised when the reach of this little poster started to spread quite quickly and organically despite having very few page followers.

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I boosted the post, spending about £15, and my final reach was over 49k people.

Ok, it’s not viral. But it was pretty damn exciting I can tell you. The graphic was shared over 670 times.

I had found something that people cared about. I had presented it in a simple, visual format and it had the potential to gain traction.

Follow up

I followed up with another post, a similar graphic with my new winning formula of statistic, simplicity, and shock value. This one had an organic reach of just under 14k and was shared 280 times.


I hatched a plan to launch a campaign where I would recruit these engaged, passionate individuals, and we would approach local shops, schools, and vets to help us reach more dog parents. The plan was to have this poster up in as many locations as possible as a visible deterrent to tying your dog up whist you pop in for milk and as a widespread education campaign.

Not only that, but with my website on the footer, I would grow awareness of my blog and therefore have a wider audience to reach with my education pieces.

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Resources and Follow Through

I had a pretty good plan; I think it would have worked really well and potentially would have made a difference to awareness among the general public around dog theft.

However, I didn’t really have the time, resources or systems in place to really capitalise on the opportunity. And I didn’t know there was a simple route I could have followed to make this more meaningful.

Fizzling out

When you’re lucky enough to hit on something that resonates, the right content, the right timing, the right delivery, you have to be ready to capitalise on it. And you have to be consistent and prepared to keep that engagement up and that content flowing. You cannot afford to let that momentum waver.

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I often look back on that small yet brilliant opportunity and wish that I had more time or a team to help me push that campaign from a seedling idea in my head into bloom. Those ideas that you have that spark real gusto within you sometimes need a helping hand or two to bring them into real fruition.

Collaboration really is the gold that’ll turn your nuggets into something incredibly valuable.

What I’d do differently

Just this morning, I have had two exciting ideas for campaigns and content that I’d love to drive forwards with Be Dog Wise.

But I have to prioritise. I have two businesses – The Canine Copywriter and my Dog Daycare, Poochville Doggy Adventures, and they have to come first.

I have to deliver quality, engaging, wonderful content for my copywriting clients before spending time on my hobby projects.

Be Dog Wise is a hobby and a passion project. It never had any plans for monetization or anything beyond a space to share my thoughts and ideas.

It didn’t have a strategy, and it didn’t have an abundance of time put aside for it. One day that may change, but for now, it’s a little side project on which these fantastic ideas will be wasted because I don’t have the time or resources to follow through.

I have time for you!

Guess what, though, there’s an upside! I do have time, an abundance of ideas and passion, and experience to help you and your business. I have learned on my own projects, so I don’t experiment and learn on yours!

As I revisit this blog, 3 years after writing it – I now know some very simple things that I could have put in place to make that *almost* campaign work. With an automated email series and a well written sign up – I could have encouraged people to be part of it all very simply.

I could have invited other professionals to be a part of it too – because we know many hands make light work. And I’m not the only person who wants to make a difference.

In my membership, Underdogs Unite, we discuss your goals, your strategy, and brainstorm how I can help you with that. I come alongside you to help make the strategy piece easy so that you don’t miss out on opportunities that are right under your nose – that you just can’t see.

Say no to working in isolation and floundering around without direction or consistency. And say yes to help so you can capitalise on the opportunities you create. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, I believe having others you can discuss your ideas with is incredibly powerful.


Written by Rikki S

Hi, I'm Rikki. I'm a copywriter specialising in helping pet businesses with copy that attracts, engages, and converts.



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