Top 3 metrics to track on your email marketing

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Are you using email marketing to communicate with your audience? Email marketing is said to offer the highest ROI of all digital marketing, so it’s an area well worth investing your time in. 

But how do you know if you’re getting it right? What makes a successful email marketing campaign? And are you nailing it?

Let’s look at the top 3 metrics to track when it comes to your email marketing so you can improve your results and make the most of your email marketing efforts. 

1. What is a good email open rate?

The first email marketing metric we want to look at is your open rate. If your emails aren’t being opened, then none of the rest of your metrics are going to matter. The average email open rate is 20%. It varies by industry but 20% is a good overall guide to work from. 

So what influences whether a subscriber opens your email or not? Your subject line is a key component here. 

You want to keep your email subject line fairly short so that it’s readable on mobile as well as desktops and tablets. Aim for around 9 words or 60 characters to play it safe. 

Think of your subject line as a headline – it’s your hook that will be the deciding factor of whether someone clicks to open or scrolls on through their inbox. 

Look at your email campaigns and take note of which subject lines achieved high open rates to guide you. Do remember that your welcome email or lead magnet delivery emails are likely to get higher open rates than anything else, so don’t panic if those are high and the rest are lower. 

The other big factor which impacts your email open rate is deliverability. If you have a high bounce rate on your emails then it’s time to clean up your email list so you’re getting accurate metrics. 

You can find more tips on improving email deliverability here. 

2. What’s a good email click through rate?

For many of your emails, you will be including links through to products, services or blog content. The goal of these emails is for people to click the button and move over to your website to check out your offer. 

The average email click through rate (CTR) is between 2-5%. For ecommerce it’s 2% and for service businesses it’s 2.55%. 

You can find the average email click through rates in 2022 for all industries here. 

Your click through rate is influenced by how engaged your audience is, how interested they are in the content you’re sharing, and how motivated they are to learn more. 

If you have a low email CTR then consider:

  • Is what you’re sending going to the right people? Segmenting your email list so you send people content that’s relevant to them will help you stay on track here. 
  • Was your email copy clear and compelling? Have you made a clear call to action for why they should click through? 
  • Did you ask your readers to do too many things in one email? Stick to one message and one call to action per email to alleviate overwhelm and confusion

There are many factors which will influence your click through rate of course, but let’s focus on easy-to-action steps you can take without feeling overwhelmed!

3. What’s a good email marketing conversion rate?

Lastly, we want to monitor how many of your click-throughs result in people taking the desired action when they land on your site. 

For example, you might be sending your readers to a landing page to sign up for a service, course or membership, or you might be sending them to a product. 

The average conversion rate is approx 2.5%. Monitor the number of visits to your landing page and the number of sign-ups or purchases to see how your campaign is performing. 

A low conversion rate on your email marketing campaigns could be a sign of:

  • Sending your emails to the wrong people! Segmenting your list is key to ensuring you’re keeping the content you share relevant to the people you’re sending it to.
  • Poor message matching – is the page you’re sending people to a good match for the messaging you shared that made them click? Match your CTAs in your email to where you’re sending them, so nobody feels duped!
  • A need to improve your landing/sales page. If you’re sending the right people, to the right page and it’s not converting, this page may need improving.

Get help with your email marketing

If all of this feels a little much to get your head around, help is at hand! I can help you evaluate your email marketing and guide you to improving it yourself, or I can take it off your hands and get it done for you!

Simply book a free call with me and let’s get you on track. 

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