Lead Magnets: How to generate leads that convert

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Gone are the days when most of us sign up to join a mailing list just because we want to receive regular emails. 

Email marketing is big business. Your client’s inboxes are a place where no algorithms interfere with your reach and your reader is less distracted by the constant hum of social media scrollfests. 

So how do you get your target clients onto your mailing list? 

A popular route to growing an email list is by providing free content that adds value – a lead magnet! 

Let’s explore the different kinds of lead magnets you can create, and how to choose the best topic for your audience. 

10 types of lead magnets to grow your email list

  1. Ebook 
  2. Workbook
  3. Checklist
  4. Mini-course
  5. Webinar/free challenge
  6. Discount codes/offers
  7. Templates
  8. Product samples/trials
  9. Quiz
  10. Survey

Your lead magnet should provide meaningful value to your target audience. What you create needs to tie into both what you want to sell and the problems people needing your end product or service are facing. 

Consider this BEFORE deciding on what type of lead magnet to create for your business. Your decision should be led by what will be valuable, actionable and meaningful to people who need your service/product.

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Deciding on the topic for your lead magnet

Your lead magnet is an opportunity to provide your target client with valuable support to help move them forwards. But it doesn’t end there, it’s also there to build trust and demonstrate your expertise. 

Match the content closely with what you want to sell and focus on providing some kind of tangible result with your lead magnet. If what you give away for free helps them more than they expect, you’ll be the no-brainer choice when they’re ready to take the next step.

Lead Magnet Examples for inspiration

A webinar lead magnet

Becky at East Coast Dog Training provides in-person training classes and online courses. She created a short webinar on puppy biting to help struggling puppy owners with easy-to-action tips that help them solve a problem that’s driving them round the bend!

webinar lead magnet example

Why did we choose a webinar?

The end goal is to introduce people to Becky’s online puppy training course or local puppy classes. Through gifting them a webinar they quickly get to know Becky and they get a taster of how online puppy training would work for them. 

What happens after the webinar?

After the webinar, people receive a series of emails which continue to support them with solving their puppy training struggles. We simultaneously deliver social proof and further details of the puppy programmes available, gently nudging them towards their next step. 

An Ebook lead magnet

Rowan at Pooch and Pineapple is an awesome dog photographer who does photoshoots for both dog owners and dog brands. We created a lead magnet for each audience, providing tips to help owners take better pics of their dogs and pet brands to master creating a scroll-stopping Instagram feed. 

Screenshot 2022 06 15 at 09.22.48

Why did we choose an ebook?

An ebook allows us to include examples of Rowan’s cracking photography, alongside giving readers simple tips to get the results they crave. With an ebook, we are also able to include interactive links which direct readers back to her site to get even more value from her blogs and to book services. 

What happens after the ebook?

Each ebook has its own email sequence, which further helps people to action the tips they’ve been given. We use the email sequence to further nurture a relationship with Rowan’s audience and to smoothly move them towards booking a professional dog photographer. 

A checklist lead magnet

I offer a a free SEO basics checklist to help petpreneurs get found on Google. The checklist gives you an easy formula to ensure you’re applying SEO effectively on your website and elsewhere – so you can grow your visibility.

seo checklist for beginners

Why did I choose a checklist?

I saw that many pet business owners were struggling with the SEO basics. I knew that I could help people improve their own SEO without shelling out loads of money on something they don’t really understand. A checklist is an easy way to help dog business owners ensure they are including everything they need to give their marketing efforts full SEO power

What happens after the checklist?

After downloading a checklist, subscribers receive a series of emails including a free webinar to help them further understand how to unleash their SEO potential. Beyond that, I introduce them to my digital marketing course especially for dogs pros – Underdogs Unleashed.

The course goes deeper into all the elements of digital marketing in an easy to understand and easy to execute fashion. The webinar and checklist give people a taster of what to expect from the course and give them some quick SEO wins to prove it works.

What do you need to successfully promote your lead magnet?

Creating your lead magnet is just one step in the chain. You need to drive traffic towards your lead magnet, so people know it exists and want to download it! 

To promote your lead magnet, so it doesn’t sit there gathering dust, you need:

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7 Steps to creating your lead magnet funnel

STEP 1: Determine what content your audience desires

STEP 2: Decide on the best format for your lead magnet

STEP 3: Create an email sequence to follow downloads

STEP 4: Create a landing page for your lead magnet

STEP 5: Add a subscribe box to relevant pages on your site for the lead magnet

STEP 6: Create social media posts to encourage visits to your landing page

STEP 7: Send an email to your existing list to direct them to your landing page

Check out chapter 3 in this webinar, which covers off choosing the right type of lead magnet for what you want to sell. (Fast forward to 5 minutes 26s)

Want some help?

If you’d like some help creating a cracking lead magnet for your business, then my marketing course for dog pros may be just the ticket! It’ll walk you through exactly what type of lead magnet will suit your business PLUS guide you on creating the email sequence that accompanies it.

It’ll also teach you how to promote your lead magnet so people actually know it exists and sign up for it!


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