A manifesto for getting what you want without selling your soul

A manifesto for breeding kindness not control.

Squashed, battered, bruised and silenced. 

Dogs aren’t the only ones getting a raw deal. 

You do everything you can to make the world better for dogs. 

But amidst it all, you’re getting lost.


Lost among the sea of social media trainers, marketing gurus, and billy bullshitters.

They shout the loudest. They’re not afraid to be heard. 

They con people. Mislead people. And probably make more money than you. 

They’re not like you. And yet you’re constantly told to succeed you must be more like them. 


Well fuck that. There’s another way. 

A kinder way. A more compassionate way. A truthful way. 

For your marketing. And for dogs. 

A way that doesn’t sacrifice wellbeing, morals, or truth. 

A way that’s good for everyone – that doesn’t seek to gain control at the cost of another.


We will not choose manipulation or force because society chooses fast, quick and instant. 

Fast and quick relies on manipulation or misrepresentation. 

Instant comes at a cost.

A cost to your soul. Your self belief. And an extortionate cost to others (and I don’t just mean financial). 

Choose the fast, instant, manipulative path and your wins will be tainted with shame and distrust. 


It’s as true in dog training, as it is in marketing. 

But we don’t have to conform to hideous societal norms.  

Society tells us ‘success’ is about achieving, winning, being and getting more. 

Scrap that. Here we define our own meaning of success. And determine our own routes to get there.


Be quiet. Shut yourself down. Walk the path I tell you to, they shout. 

Dogs aren’t the only ones confused by what on earth people really want.

But you? You can carve your own path and go your own way. 

And you can take dogs and people with you. 


For here, we don’t walk blindly down other people’s paths.

We don’t sacrifice others for profit or speed.

We don’t coerce, manipulate or rush to the finish line.

Here we reject quick wins tainted with distrust and shame.


Here we shed our cloaks of conditioning and stay true to what’s right.

We are curious, kind, open to listen and learn. 

We are intentional, patient and brimming with pride. 

Here we won’t be silenced by intimidation, fear, or other people’s foul ideas.


You don’t need a ton of training tricks to understand what a dog needs.

And you don’t need a ton of marketing tricks to persuade people to listen to you.

You can be wholly yourself and still be heard, happy, and successful.

The wish we have for dogs is the same wish I have for you.


To be confidently you. To be accepted as you are. To be fully appreciated for every inch of youness that exists. 

Because afterall, would you prefer a shutdown dog or a dog who’s free to be entirely themselves? 

Lead the way, and treat yourself with the same compassion. 

Lead the way, and treat yourself with the same compassion. 

Rikki Sullivan Creative SEO Copywriter

I’m Rikki – writer, copywriter, compassionate marketer and biggest cheerleader of underdogs. 

I firmly believe you can get what you want without selling your soul.

I firmly believe we are better than the conditioning we’ve absorbed, soaked up and suffered blindly over the years.

I firmly  choose understanding, generosity, compassion and honesty.

For it’s not just kinder. It’s easier. It’s natural – not enforced.