SEO for Dog Trainers: Top 80 keywords

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Are you a dog trainer looking to increase your online presence and gain more customers?

Did you know that 33% of all clicks go to the top 3 search results on the first page of Google?

That means if you’re not appearing in the top spots, potential customers are missing out on the chance to discover your business.

I’ve done the keyword research for you, to help you finally master your SEO and help people find you… FAST!

Understanding Keyword Research

Before we dive into your whopping free keyword research list, let’s have a brief chat about what you’re looking at.

The search volume is the estimated number of searches a month in the UK.

The CPC is the cost per click if you were running Google ADs

The paid difficulty is how hard it is to take the top spot with your ads. 0 being easy, 100 being hard.

The SEO difficulty is about how competitive the keyword is. 0 being easy, 100 being hard.

Search intent

Yes, you want to target the keywords with the highest volume and lowest competition, but ONLY if the page you’re directing them to satisfies their search.

Google wants to please the people searching, so the content on page has to match their search query. Search intent and providing the most valuable content to answer what the person is searching for is a vital component of your SEO.


SEO checklist

Before you target anything, take to Google and check out the pages taking the top spots currently. This is your competition, so make sure you’re confident you can create content that’s even better/more useful than theirs!

Look at their page structure, content, subheaders to see what Google is deeming valuable for people searching for your target term.

Then decide if it’s the right search term for your content. It’s far better to target a low volume keyword that completely matches what you’re delivering.

Top 80 SEO keywords for dog trainers

NoKeywordSearch VolumeCPCPaid DifficultySEO Difficulty
1dog trainer18100£0.834553
2dog training18100£0.834568
3puppy trainer9900£1.144856
4puppy training9900£1.144869
5dog behaviourist near me9900£0.684152
6puppy crate training6600£0.247371
7puppy toilet training5400£0.4410069
8dog lead training4400£0.3210058
9dog behaviourist4400£0.663749
10dog agility training near me3600£0.531717
11residential dog training2400£0.805116
12gun dog training near me2400£0.602022
13dog training classes near me2400£0.753130
14puppy classes1900£0.712844
15how to toilet train a puppy in 7 days1900£0.275466
16puppy socialisation classes1600£0.653437
17puppy training classes1600£0.873137
18puppy socialisation classes near me1600£0.672830
19reactive dog training1300£0.729151
20dog therapy training1300£0.932553
21dog training classes1000£0.904039
22recall dog training1000£0.647949
23dog obedience training near me880£0.643326
24dog separation anxiety training880£0.719757
25aggressive dog training880£0.655368
26guide dog training880£1.37859
27dog aggression training880£0.655374
28dog socialisation classes near me720£0.643327
29dog toilet training720£0.5110068
30training dog to walk on leash720£0.835021
31residential dog training near me590£0.655015
32beginner dog agility classes near me590£0.541416
33how to teach a dog to heel590£0.92871
34how to teach dog to stay590£0.751368
35dog training school480£0.983521
36puppy toilet training at night480£0.305448
37online dog training390£1.055942
38puppy parties near me390£1.34540
39puppy biting training390£0.843223
40dog socialisation classes390£0.693428
41dog training near me prices390£0.584230
42free dog training near me320£0.563550
43dog training camp320£0.745119
44training dog to pee outside320£0.484720
45dog socialising groups near me320£0.582150
46private dog training near me260£0.624231
47puppy playgroups near me260£0.971139
48teaching recall to a stubborn dog260£0.766659
491 to 1 dog training near me260£0.654718
50trick training for dogs210£0.523917
51dog barking training210£0.688566
52dog behaviour problems210£0.523170
53dog training tips for beginners210£0.686169
54positive dog training210£0.902550
55scent training for dogs near me210£0.741710
56dog ignoring recall210£0.60549
57aggressive dog behaviourist170£0.514349
58dog groups near me170£0.78544
59loose lead training170£0.624752
60online puppy training140£1.314838
61dog training camp near me140£0.645522
62how to get your dog to come when distracted140£1.12980
63scent work classes near me140£0.731318
64residential dog training with owner110£0.666316
65indoor dog agility near me90£0.911118
66outdoor dog training classes near me90£0.473021
67canine hoopers90£0.004323
68how long does recall training take70£0.00753
69fun dog agility classes near me70£0.001323
70dog training courses online free70£1.265758
71dog behaviourist cost70£0.373537
72free online dog training courses70£1.265754
73dog sports near me50£0.001529
74best puppy training classes near me50£0.653832
75free puppy training near me40£0.643950
76free puppy training30£0.574427
77best online dog training courses30£3.346926
78mantrailing dog training20£0.00415
79certified dog behaviourist20£0.00515
80kennel club puppy classes20£0.0026

GET YOUR FREE SEO CHECKLIST HERE (and learn what to do with your keywords!)

SEO checklist

Local SEO for dog trainers

If you take a look through this list, you’ll see an awful lot of ‘near me’ searches. This is because people are often looking for in-person, local services when they want help training their dogs.

Local SEO is a great way to target people searching within a specific geographic area.

Ensuring you’re using Google Business Profile and optimising your website for local SEO is essential if you want to land the top spot on Google and make sure people find you first.

Listing your business on directory sites and gathering citations is another important step.

You can grab a Google Business Profile optimisation checklist plus all the need to know SEO training you need inside my course – Underdogs Unleashed. You’ll get instant access to everything you need to fire up your marketing so you don’t just get found, but you get BOOKED. 🙌

Creating geographical blogs for local SEO

Once you’ve nailed your local SEO on your main pages, it’s time to take to your blog. You can pen blogs on local dog walks, dog friendly cafes, and secure dog fields near you.

Chances are, if someone’s looking for a secure dog field near you, they may also need a local dog trainer!

NoKeywordSearch VolumeCPCPaid DifficultySEO Difficulty
1dog walks with water near me720£1.85337
2best dog walks near me1900£0.89646
3social dog walking groups near me140£0.971554
4dog walks with cafes near me480£3.72240
5dog walks near me49500£0.661443
6off lead dog walks near me4400£2.06528
7secure dog fields near me6600£2.03121

You can find more tips on the ten different types of blogs dog trainers need here. Or grab your free download here 👇

10 types of blog

Where else to use your keywords

It’s no secret that people use social media, pinterest and YouTube to find information and services these days. These keywords are insights into what people are searching for, and that doesn’t just mean on Google.

Ensure you’re optimising your social media profile/bios with the most relevant keywords and locations, and utilise these for your hashtags too. It all adds up to helping people find you first when they’re looking for a dog trainer.

Use them on your regular GBP posts too. You want to be winning that top spot on the Google Map Pack.

Get a (non-techy) beginner’s guide to SEO here

Keyword Research for Beginners

The list above is really just the beginning. For my clients, my keyword research is a lot more extensive than this. We look at long-tail keywords, competition, searcher intent and I create a strategy to help them optimise their website for search.

I’ve created an accessible course especially for dog pros that walks you through how to do all of this yourself. Underdogs Unleashed is an empowering and easy to execute course bursting with training and action tasks so you can power up your marketing as you work your way through it.

Watch this 2 minute video to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Underdogs Unleashed.

On the fence? Take lesson 1 of Underdogs Unleashed for free here – and see what you think!

How are you feeling?

You’re not alone if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed. You probably just want to go and train some dogs!

If you want an SEO copywriter to take the lead and run your SEO optimisation for you, I’m right here! Check out my copywriting services here.


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