The ultimutt list of dog puns: 47 cracking puns for fur-ocious pun lovers!

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Puns are a bit like marmite, aren’t they? 

Some people love them and others would quite happily never hear another furever. 

And there’s your first one! Boom, Boom. 

Well anyway, if you can’t get enough of a good dog pun, then this one’s for you. Bookmark it and fill your boots with pawesome dog puns for every occasion!

47 dog puns to get your tail wagging!

Applaws – applause with paws! 

Barking lot – Parking lot

Bone Appetit – Bon Appetit

Depawsit – deposit

Dog-tor – doctor

dogtor dog pun

EmBARKing – embarking, starting

Fetching – retrieving or rather lovely

Flea’d – flee’d

Fur – for

Furever – forever

Fur-give – forgive

Fur-gotten – forgotten

Furiendly – friendly

Fur-ocious – ferocious

His Royal Paws – Like HRH but for mutts! 

his royal paws dog pun - dog in crown

How’l – how will

Howlidays – holidays

Hounding – hassling

In-fur-mation – information

Im-pawtant – important

Lab-racadabra – Abracadabra

Motherpupper – I’ll leave you to figure this one out!

Oppawturnity – opportunity

Pawdicure – pedicures for dogs… naturally!

Pawesome – Awesome, obvs.

Pawfect – perfect

Pawly – poorly

Paws – pause

Pawsh – posh

pawsh dog pun - pomeranian on red wooden chair

Pawsitive – positive

Pawtastic – Fantastic with a paw-spin

Pawsible – possible

Paw-thority – authority

Pawty – party

let's pawty dog pun

Pawrents – parents

Photogra-fur – photographer

Pup-cation – vacation

Pup-corn – popcorn

Pup-eroni – pepperoni

Pupparazzi – paparazzi

Pup-sicle – popsicle, ice lolly – you get the drift

Re-tail – retail

Ruff – rough

Ruffaree – referee

Tail-wagging – to express happiness

Ultimutt – ultimate

Wonder-fur – wonderful

19 Dog Phrases that are the mutts nuts!

dog phrases book

Barking up the wrong tree – focusing on the wrong thing

Dog and Bone – phone

Dog eat dog – every man or woman for themselves

Dogsbody – a person who is given menial tasks

Dog’s dinner – make a mess of something

Dogeared – a little bit tatty

Dog tired – exhausted

Every dog has its day – everyone gets their time to shine

Gone to the dogs – when something goes bad

His bark is worse than his bite – he’s quite nice really!

In the dog house – not in one’s good books! 

Let sleeping dogs lie – leave it alone

Like a dog with two tails – happy as!

The Dog’s Bollocks – the best of the best

The Mutts Nuts – As above for the non-sweary folk

Raining cats and dogs – chucking it down with rain

Sick as a dog – unwell

Work like a dog – working hard

Underdog – unlikely winner or successor

There are of course many, many more! But this should be more than enough to keep your dog tales brimming with furbulous dog puns!

Will you be using a dog pun or two in your next blog title?

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Do you have any brilliant dog puns to share that I’ve furgotten?! Hit me up in the comments with your best pooch puns! 😉


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