The Who, Why, What blogging technique that will make your blog land with a boom!

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You’ve got a stonking idea for a blog topic, and for once, your pen hits the paper (or your fingers hit the keyboard), and it all comes flooding out.


Don’t stop, let it all flow out onto the page. If you’ve got one of those ideas that just wants out, think about everything else later; get it out of your head and onto paper.

But, if you want your blog to land with your reader with the same boombastic feeling it gave you when it popped into your head, then you need to think about these three things before you hit publish.

The Who, the Why, and the What.

Why do you need a blogging technique?

A blogging technique is going to save you from writing self indulgent blogs that don’t land with impact.

Let me explain……..

Who is your blog for?

Newsflash; Your blog isn’t about you! It’s about your target reader!

Sorry, I know it’s much easier and perhaps more enjoyable to write indulgent blog posts about whatever’s taken your fancy. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but take some time to consider your reader.

Blogging is a brilliant way to connect with your audience and to build a relationship with them, let them into your world a little, and try to understand theirs too.

For your blog to produce that enigmatic  ‘know, like, and trust’ feeling with your reader,  you need to consider who you’re writing for and crucially…..

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Why should your blog reader care?

Imagine you’re presenting your blog idea to someone who’s a bit of a blunt and disagreeable bugger…. They want to know what your point is and why they should care?

You tell them ‘I’m writing this piece about ‘why dog’s pee on trees’ and their like ‘uh-huh, so what?’

What is going to motivate this person to want to know more?

Do they care about trees? Do they care about their dog’s natural instincts? Do they care about what the neighbours think?

Ok, it’s a bit of a nonsense example, perhaps. But my point is that you need to spend a bit of time thinking about what motivates your reader to pay attention, to care enough to finish reading your post. Or even to start reading it.

For tips on writing a killer headline to entice your reader to click through check this out.

what do you want your blog reader to do, call to action blog

What do you want your reader to do?

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to create your blog, to draw people over to read it, and it’s worked. Hurrah!

Now, what do you want them to do? Your blog needs a call to action.

Ditch the concept that a Call to Action means you have to make them buy something right now. A call to action isn’t always a big flashy button saying ‘buy me now.’

Your call to action could be that you want your reader to think about something, try something, share their thoughts with you. You might want to lead them on to read another related blog post. Or you might like them to share the blog.

The point is that you don’t want to go to immense effort to write a blog, publish the blog, show people the blog, and then just STOP.

Make your Call to Action specific, so it’s crystal clear what you would like your reader to do.

For example, if you’d like them to get in touch or leave a comment, then be sure to tell them where and how. Include a link to make it easy for them to reach your contact page or your socials if that’s where you want them to leave a comment.


The who, why, and what of this blog

Let me use this blog as an example.

Who are you?  

You’re a small business owner who would like more people to read your blogs.

Why do you care?

You’ve spent some time writing blogs, but you’d like them to land better, to get more engagement and more readers.

What do I want you to do?

I’d like you to try this technique when you pen your next blog, and let me know how it landed. Pop back and comment here. I’d love to hear if it made a difference.

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Written by Rikki S

Hi, I'm Rikki. I'm a copywriter specialising in helping pet businesses with copy that attracts, engages, and converts.



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