5 hints that it’s time to update your web copy

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If you’re pondering what it is that’s holding your pet business back, then the first place to investigate is your website. 

You’ve probably been looking at your website for so long that it’s hard to get a hold of whether it’s still serving you. 

So let’s take a step back together and look at the 5 hints that might be pointing to a web copy refresh for your business. 

What does good website copy do?

First, let’s look at what makes good website copy. Well crafted web copy makes it easy for visitors to understand what you do, how you can help and it makes the learning and discovery process easy for them. 

Your website copy has many jobs. It

  • makes your audience feel seen and understood
  • creates brand awareness
  • brings in leads
  • answers your target audiences questions
  • attracts subscribers
  • sells your products and services

5 hints you need new web copy

Now, let’s look at the 5 tell-tale signs that you might need to put new web copy on your radar.

1. You convert people in real-life interactions, but not via your website

When you jump on the phone with a prospective client or meet them at an event, they’re bowled over and ready to jump all-in. But visitors to your website just aren’t feeling that same pull to work with you. 

Maybe you’re playing it safe with your web copy and it doesn’t have the same cracking personality, empathy and feeling that a person gets from you in real life. 

Or perhaps, it’s a little tricky to navigate and people are dropping off before even visiting the page they need to read. 

If you’re converting people just fine in real life, but your website visitors are dropping by then vanishing… it could be time to refresh your web copy. 

2. You feel ‘blah’ when you read your own web copy. It’ll do but it’s not blowing anyone’s socks off

I mean it’s ok, it does the job. But even you’re not feeling very excited about it. 

You might have put it all together when you first started out and weren’t so clear on exactly who your target audience is and what they care about. 

You may not have had the budget to hire a professional website copywriter to help at the time, and so you did your best and it’s done you alright. 

Now there’s a little more money in the bank and you’d like to see your website working harder for you and making a cracking impression from the off. 

Heck, you’d like to have your very own socks blown off when you read it! It’s time! 

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3. You’re not getting any organic traffic

You’re happy with the look and feel of your website, but you just can’t understand why you’re not getting any organic traffic. 

SEO is in part down to the technical placement of words and phrases that helps to get your website visible on Google. SEO is a combination of many factors, but in terms of your web copy – you need the right words, in the right places to have a shot at gaining organic traffic to your website. 

You want optimised titles, headers, images and meta titles and descriptions that have been written to communicate with humans and Google. 

And you want the rest of your copy to continue that job fluidly and naturally. 

4. You get plenty of traffic, but it’s not converting to sales or enquiries

The traffic isn’t a problem, you’re getting plenty of site visitors. But they come, and they go. 


This is a super frustrating position to be in, and likely a strong indication that your web copy and navigation are holding people back from converting. 

Your web copy should be talking directly to the problems that brought people to you, and clearly demonstrating how you can help them solve that problem.  

It needs to be easy for them to identify themselves as your target market, and crystal clear where they need to go on your site to find the cure to their woes. 

Then they need to feel convinced that your offer is as good as it sounds, and it needs to be easy for them to take the plunge and hit the buy button. 

If you’re not sure which hurdle is getting in the way, then book in for a free discovery call with me and let’s take a look together. 

5. It’s been 3-5 years since you launched and it’s become a bit of a hotch-potch

Your business has evolved since you launched your website, and you’ve been making ad-hoc changes to your website as you go. 

The user journey is no longer smooth and simple, and it’s a little confusing what your main focus or products are. 

It started as one thing and perhaps it’s become many things, or maybe you’ve pivoted in a new direction but haven’t yet taken the leap to make that clear on your website. 

It results in a confusing experience for your site visitors and a watered down vision of what you’re really about. 

It’s time for a web copy update to bring your website into the here and now. 

Are any of these resonating with you? Let me know which one in the comments below. 👇

And if you’d like some help from a website copywriter to refresh and relaunch your digital home, then please give me a shout. I’d love to hear from you.


Written by Rikki S

Hi, I'm Rikki. I'm a copywriter specialising in helping pet businesses with copy that attracts, engages, and converts.



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