How to write your about page (plus a free template)

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Surprisingly, your about page is likely to be one of the most visited pages on your website. And yet it’s a page that many business owners really struggle to write. 

What should even go on your about page? Do you need one or can you skip it? (spoiler alert – yes, you need one!)

I’m here to help you avoid getting so caught up in your story that you forget all about conversion. 

Why do people visit your about page?

Every page on your website has a job, and your about page is no different! People visit your about page to learn more about you.

BUT! That doesn’t mean they want your entire life story, this isn’t the place to write your autobiography!

They want to know stuff that’s relevant to how you’ll help them. 

Why should they choose you? Why should they trust you? Will they like you?! 

This is what they’re here for. So don’t be afraid to use a conversational tone and help them feel like they’ve already met ya! 

Grab your free about page template to help you get started.


What should go on your about page?

Talk about the problems your site visitors may be experiencing, and how you will help them to solve them. Share any personal experiences that demonstrates understanding. 

Basically, use this page to help people get to know you AND how you can help them. 

Don’t forget to link through to relevant service or product pages to help them take the next step on their journey with you. 

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8 things to include on your about page

  • Personality
  • A headline
  • Images of you
  • Your values
  • Benefits
  • Testimonial(s)
  • CTA buttons that take them through to product or service pages
  • Credentials

The more personality you inject into this page, the better. Let who you are shine through.

Your headline is an important introduction to your about page. Of course, you could simply choose ‘about me’ or you could get a little more creative!

Images of you are crucial on your about page. People want to see that face behind the business, it helps them to feel more like they know you!

Share your values. Again, make sure that you’re tying these into why they matter to your customers. We want to be highlighting the benefits of choosing you over competitors. 

Benefits tell people what they get out of working with you. What outcomes can they expect if they choose you?

Call to Action buttons are vital and often forgotten on about pages. Remember, each page has a job to do! Your about page’s job is to help people get to know you AND to encourage them to take the next step. Add a CTA to book a call or visit your services/products. 


Cool calls to action

Testimonials act as cracking social proof, and do the icky selling for you! Let the people who love you tell your new people why they should choose you. Find more info on using testimonials in your marketing (and how to get them) here.

Credentials can demonstrate your authority and build trust in your abilities. You might feature qualification badges, product certification badges, clients you’ve worked with or press you’ve featured in. 

You will find some great about page examples to inspire you in the about page template. Just push the button below and get started!

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